Easy Transfer

Are you tired of your current registrar's run-around, poor customer support and limited value-added services? Use our "easy transfer" to switch your domain name service to us. With our easy transfer, all you pay for is your regular registration fee for an additional year of service. All domain transfers are one year extensions. A full year will be added to the current expiration date of your domain.

With instructional, real-time status alerts via e-mail, your transfers will go much more smoothly. And, of course, there’s always 24/7 Customer Service available to assist you through the process.

Note: For security reasons and as required by ICANN, transfers of .com and .net domains require an EPP Auth Key which is also known as the "Domain Password AuthInfo Code", or sometimes simply as the "AuthInfo Code". This is not to be confused with the "Domain Registry Key."

To get your code - simply request the code from your current registrar. According to ICANN rules, registrars must provide the domain holder with the unique "AuthInfo Code" within five (5) calendar days and they cannot charge you to obtain this code. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1.888.377.4320 or support@lowpricedomains.com